2015 & 2016 IESLA Calendar of Events

November 19, 2015
Project Tour: Tongva park with HLB Lighting Design
Location: Ken Genser Square in front of
Santa Monica City Hall, at the fountain

January 21, 2016
Dynamic White with Lesley North
Location: Proud Bird

February 23, 2016
IESLA Product Fair

March 24, 2016
Architectural Panel “Why hire a lighting designer?”

April 21, 2016
Controls DMX vs others

May 2016
Student design competition

June 25, 2016
Lumen West Awards

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IESLA Hollywood Sign Lighting Proposal

IESLA Hollywood Sign Lighting Proposal

Origins of White LED Technology

Project Tour: Tongva park with HLB Lighting Design

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The site lighting for the Tongva Park project has been designed such that it provides a safe and comfortable environment for the occupants while meeting local and California energy codes. The site lighting has been designed with sensitivity to the surrounding neighborhood while preserving views to the ocean. Please join IESLA for a fun evening learning more about the lighting design while enjoying the ocean breeze.

E. Teal Brogden

Senior Principal

Bold, dynamic, unafraid of taking risks through lighting, Teal Brogden is an inspiring design thinker who reaches deep for the artisticessence, the core of a design challenge. Her curiosity fuels the explorati on that allows the possibilities embedded within a design to come forward. As an avid listener, Teal enjoys the refinement that comes with vetting concepts in a collaborative team forum. Just as there is balance inherent in light and shadow, so too comes the balance of art and science, aspirati on and pragmatism, in the final solution.

Teal’s combined background in the arts and engineering puts her at ease with both the ephemeral and technical challenges inherent in lighting design. Her longtime love of dance supports her appreciation for the importance of composition, nuance, and rhythm, while studies with a master mathematician helped her develop an appreciation for the elegance and fit of the right solution.

Teal joined the firm’s San Francisco office in 1991 and spearheaded the opening of the Los Angeles office in 1994. She works closely with HLB’s design team to establish a strong design direction that meets client needs. She considers herself fortunate to collaborate with master designers on a regular basis; the legacy of meaningful work endures as new opportunities build upon past successes.

Tina Aghassian


Tina Aghassian has passion, for design and the process of getting things built. She can isolate the metaphor of a project and carry it through construction. Her conviction in realizing the design in the built environment is what makes her an invaluable asset to every team. Tina’s ability to lead and coordinate complex client teams has led to the successful execution of unique and memorable projects.

Tina studied architectural design, where she was introduced to the field of architectural lighting. She worked for a notable design-build lighting consulting firm where she gained valuable experience designing various scale residences and being involved intimately with the construction phase of these projects.

Since joining HLB in 1997, Tina continues to build upon her experience with a variety of project types including large- and small-scale commercial projects, transportation facilities, educational facilities, residences, museums, performance venues, offices, retail spaces, exterior landscapes, site master plans, and building façades.

6:30pm – Meet at the Ken Genser Square in front of Santa Monica City Hall, at the fountain
7:00pm – Tour at the Park

Tongva Park
1615 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Ken Genser Square in front of Santa Monica City Hall, at the fountain

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure


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